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For years now, Apple has produced some of the best laptops for music production. By comparison, those of us using a PC have traditionally been chained to the desktop format, but that has changed considerably in recent years. Dell, Microsoft, Samsung, MSI, Asus, Lenovo and others big tech brands are all muscling in to give Apple a serious run for its money, and some of them have proper music-making clout too. All of which is great for the consumer, as it gives us genuine choice when it comes to music production.

Regardless of which platform you opt for, there are some considerations which remain consistent. When it comes to choosing the best laptop for your home studio, you’ll want to pay close attention to the power and memory specs of the machine you’re eyeing up.

While the basic requirements for most DAWs is a multi-core processor, around 4GB of RAM and a few gigabytes of storage, this won’t be enough for real-world applications. Instead, you need a laptop with enough power to handle the latest software and expanding file sizes, with enough juice in the tank to cope with whatever you may need down the line. For any DJs or traveling musicians reading this guide, weight – and portability – is likely to be another major factor. Some of the highest spec, beefiest laptops also weigh a fair amount, and your shoulders will quickly tire of lugging those behemoths around.

Keep scrolling for our recommendations A driving factor for many producers looking to source a new laptop is price. In days gone by this meant sacrificing, or compromising, on what you want versus what you can afford.

If you want something a little more lightweight, the MacBook Air opens in new tab now comes complete with the M1 chip, making it a genuinely capable proposition as a music-making laptop for most users. We’d also recommend looking to the world of gaming laptops. Don’t be put off by their visual stylings — gamers require lots of power and very quick processors, which is good news for you.

For our money, we’re taken with the Razer Blade 15 Studio opens in new tab Edition. But what has happened out of sight, within the body of the machine, has been completely enhanced though.

You can read the full results of our testing in the review, linked below. Another year, another addition to the formidable Dell XPS line-up. It does this by combining CPU, GPU and memory into one chip, greatly reducing power usage and delivering a hugely optimised computing experience.

Does that mean musicians and studio owners should invest right away? The more hands-on time we’ve had with the M1-equipped machines, the more we’re heading in that direction.

Full support is coming though. With the new M1 chip inside the Apple MacBook Air however, we’ve been convinced that this argument can largely be put to bed, at least for the majority of home producers. Think of a gaming laptop, and you probably imagine garish colours, RGB lights all over the shop and enough power under the hood to light up a continent. With the Razer Blade 15 Studio, however, we have a monstrously powerful laptop with its origins in the gaming world, but with its sights very much set on creative pursuits.

There are some nice visual touches, from the customisable RGB backlighting on the keys, but otherwise this is a strong, slick studio beast which demands attention. Microsoft’s second attempt at a pure laptop device is an absolute winner in our view, and while it doesn’t represent a huge overhaul of the original Surface Laptop, it offers improvements in all the areas we were hoping for, including updated hardware that brings serious performance benefits.

This is a laptop that finally delivers on what Microsoft set out to do with the original: a pure, powerful Windows 10 laptop experience. If you’re not sold on the 2-in-1 nature of the Surface Book 2, but love Microsoft’s premium build quality and design, then the Surface Laptop 2 is the laptop for you.

A very worth addition to our best laptops for music production guide. While it may not have the best keyboard in the world, the Samsung Notebook 9 is still one of the best laptops you can buy. Packed with more horsepower than the MacBook Pro, but at a much lower price, Samsung has crafted a laptop that has just as much substance as it does style.

At the higher end of the gaming PC spectrum – not a bad place for music producers to look when sheer power is required – there are some serious studio contenders.

The Asus Rog Strix Scar is evidence of this; with an Intel i7 processor and a base spec of 16 GB of RAM, you know this machine can chew through any audio production task you throw at it. Hudson Mohawke, the Scottish electronic producer, is a known fan, and with good reason. Once you get past the garish colour scheme and ‘edgy’ gamer branding, you have an immensely capable, lightweight computer that would rival many traditional desktop arrangements.

MSI is one of the more respected names in gaming PCs, so it figures that their flagship mid-range offer features some decent internals. The MSI GF63 is the ideal blend of performance and aesthetics, and would make a superb laptop for anyone using their laptop for live performance or as a portable studio on account of its thin form factor and cooling features. Performance-wise, it’s packing a 2. As your live sets or studio sessions grow in size, so too can your laptop.

As Microsoft’s riposte to Apple’s dominance, the stakes were high when it released the Surface Pro series. With Apple’s hold on creative professionals being so strong, the Surface Pro had a lot to live up to.

And, with the Microsoft Surface Pro 7, it it edging ever closer to bridging that gap. Admittedly, a razor thin two-in-one is never going to be the production powerhouse that a dedicated PC or Mac would be, but as a device geared towards portability it’s near impeccable. But as a premium device that can handle music, along with everything else life can throw at you, it’s a solid option.

A quoted full day of battery life is not to be sniffed at either. Asus has struck gold with its new refresh of its ZenBook Flip S 2-in-1 laptop, with the Asus ZenBook Flip S UX impressing us so much it’s made it’s way into our list of the 10 best laptops for music production you can buy right now.

With a new Kaby Lake R 8th-generation processor powering the device, plenty of RAM and a super-fast PCIe SSD in certain models, this is an absolutely stunning addition to our rundown of the best laptops for music production. Its 2-in-1 design means you can use it as both a laptop and a tablet, and while it’s not as affordable as some machines on this list, if you have the budget you’ll be really happy with this fantastic device. Of course, in the process of demolishing the competition, Acer did have to cut a few corners in order to keep the price so impressively low.

Choosing a laptop capable of running CPU-intensive audio production work can be tricky. Some options focus heavily on battery life. Others major on performance, and favour higher-grade processors CPUs to ensure operations run snappily. Namely, you are looking for that sweet spot of power, performance and price. Not to worry though, as there are supremely capable laptops coming in at some very sensible prices right now.

So what are the specifics that make a great production laptop? Ultimately, when we say performance, in this context we mean how fast the laptop can process things, and how quickly it can access, write and modify stored data.

And, while they come in a little bit more expensive than traditional hard disc drives HDD , the only real option nowadays is a laptop that comes with a solid-state drive SSD. Essentially, a faster processor or CPU means two things; your computer can handle more tasks being thrown at it, and it can ‘process’ those things a lot quicker. You may see only small differences; perhaps an audio file will render one minute quicker using the faster of two processors, but over time this clearly adds up.

In the CPU world, there are two major players. Intel is the big name, with a huge share of the market. The other name to look out for is AMD, which produces the Ryzen processors. These follow a similar nomenclature to the Intel versions, so R3, R5 and so on, and are popular amongst the gaming crowd.

There is another path to consider though. Apple has a great heritage in producing machines designed for creative pursuits, and just as the rest catch up with them, it flips the script again. You may have seen newer Apple machines with something called an M1 chip inside them. This essentially combines many of the laptops internal components onto a single chip, resulting in incredible power and overall system efficiency.

The good news is that these gains absolutely benefit producers, offering best-in-class performance and processing grunt, while also delivering longer battery life and other optimisations. More are catching on, with big names like Ableton and Akai offering full native support, but others – like Native Instruments – are still working on optimising their catalogues to take full advantage.

The best advice we can give is to do your research – all of the major developers are aware of M1, and are likely working on native support, so it depends on your current setup and desire to rock the boat. With audio applications, particularly those involving lots of recorded audio, a higher amount of RAM means your audio playback is buttery smooth and glitch-free because the computer isn’t having to ‘grab’ the audio from the hard drive each time it wants to play.

If you’re buying now, with the next few years of use in mind, we’d suggest 8GB of DDR4 memory is the absolute minimum you should be looking for. Ideally, you’d want 16GB, as this will handle much larger arrangements, although there is a cost to this extra resource.

It’s also worth investigating whether the laptop you choose can be upgraded with extra RAM in the future. Apple laptop fans won’t have this luxury, due to their sealed chassis, but laptop PC users might. Storage memory comes a close second. For audio applications, particularly those involving sample libraries where audio is streamed from disk, you’ll want to use a solid state drive SSD.

The benefit of these drives is the rapid data transfer, meaning files load quicker, although they are slightly more expensive than their hard disk drive HDD equivalent. For music production applications, however, the extra expense is totally justified. It’s not uncommon however to see a combination employed — a HDD for storage of files, photos and videos, and an SSD for tasks where more instantaneous responses are required.

The alternative involves using external hard drives ; SSDs, particularly those that take advantage of USB-C technology, are more than capable of the types of transfer speeds required for music production. It’s easy to see why a good all-round laptop can fetch a premium price tag, but, as with anything from the best samplers and studio monitors to home studio mixers , you get what you pay for, so it’s always wise to get the best you can afford, rather than skimping and regretting your purchase later often quicker than you thought.

Our price comparison software will come in handy here. Next to each product entry on this guide our price widgets will display the best deals online right now to save you shopping around. In this guide we’re talking sheer horsepower for music-making.

For example, can your portable rig cope with large multitrack sessions, running handfuls of plugins and MIDI instruments? Any normal person looking at a laptop might check out the screen, or the travel on the keyboard, or even – shock horror – its visual appeal.

So to find out how a music production laptop will perform, there is one major test which sorts the wheat from the chaff. It comes in the form of an enormous Ableton Live session, with more plugins, MIDI tracks and soft synths than would ever be deemed necessary.

Read more about how we test music making gear and services at MusicRadar. I take care of the reviews on MusicRadar and Future Music magazine, though can sometimes be spotted in front of a camera talking little sense in the presence of real musicians.

For the past 30 years, I have been unable to decide on which instrument to master, so haven’t bothered. Currently, a lover of all things high-gain in the guitar stakes and never one to resist churning out sub-standard funky breaks, the likes of which you’ll never hear.

Apple MacBook Pro 14″. Graphics: M1 Pro. Storage: GB – 8TB.


– 5 Best Control Surfaces For Logic Pro X [Updated ]

In the low ends like below dB, a very small movement of fader can change the sound dramatically. Affordable Option – A compact control surface for all the essentials. Recommended for: If you want the best control surface for Logic Pro X with a wireless connection at a relatively cheap price, this is for you. Presonus Fader Port has dedicated transport control.


– Best mixing desk for logic pro x free


Whether you are a classical musician or a modern songwriter, strings can be the very life of your music. In a nutshell, here are the best orchestral strings plugins to get in Strings are one of the most important sets of instruments in classical musicand they can provide an extensive range of mood best mixing desk for logic pro x free emotion to modern music.

While solo strings are beautiful, ensemble strings excel at creating rich and colorful textures in which other instruments can thrive. We will go from rich, orchestral libraries to budget all-rounders and modern contenders laser-focused on music production. Note : The strings plugins we have enlisted have their own dedicated plugins, which can be both good and bad. Often, they provide better stability and easier workflowbut you miss out on some functionalities that samplers like Kontakt 6, Halion 6, or UVI Falcon 2 provide.

Hence, we will be writing another list review focusing on Kontakt libraries. Discover the sound of strings at a legendary studio with this detailed sample library by Spitfire Audio. Abbey Road has represented the epitome of fame a music studio could have throughout modern music history. There are two editions of his sample library: Core and Professional. The Core is the smaller library with only 46 GB of sample contentwhereas the Professional sizes at a whopping GB.

Key Features:. Iconic Strings is available for Windows 7 or higher and macOS Iconic Strings is an excellent solo strings instrument plugin that sounds high quality and natural. The various mic positions best mixing desk for logic pro x free mixes effortlessly help you emulate vintage vibes and contemporary styles.

Furthermore, the plugin has a clean and intuitive user interfacewhich gets you started without referring to a manual. Vienna Symphonic Library is responsible for some of the best sampled orchestral instruments, and Synchron is certainly one of them. Synchron Strings Pro is a string library recorded in Synchron Stage, Viennaand it features a massive arsenal of articulations with unparalleled sampling and programming. The result is a highly natural-sounding string librarycapable of simple pad-like long notes or energetic runs alike.

I must note that due to the sheer size of the library over GB for the smaller versionit might be overkill if you are looking for a backing section for pop music best mixing desk for logic pro x free so. However, if you enjoy composing classical music, Synchron Strings Pro stands as one of the best strings plugins that money can buy. This library is available for Windows 8. Synchron Strings Pro best mixing desk for logic pro x free an inspiring wealth of sound with natural note transitions and expression.

I would highly recommend it if you work on classical music. The only downside is that you will require an eLicenser USB protection device, even for the demo.

You can purchase one from Vienna or use an existing eLicenser key, such as from Steinberg or Arturia. Find realism and soaring expression with the Berlin Symphonic Strings. The library features 68 string players recorded in the Teldex Scoring Stageemploying multiple microphone positions in a traditional seating arrangement.

What I like about the Berlin Symphonic series is how cohesive it sounds when used with the rest of their products. The library boasts well-programmed legato modes, multiple dynamic ranges, and articulations. The library is available for Windows 10 or higher and macOS Berlin Symphonic Strings is a glorious string library with incredible attention to detail, capable of everything you need for composition.

My favorite feature from this library is the advanced legato scripts that allow you to write fluent melodic lines, best cooking games for pc free download patterns, and energetic runs all the same. Furthermore, the interface is fluid and user-friendly, and it lets you build your own multis patches as well.

Sampling in collaboration with the film score composer Увидеть больше Zimmer, Spitfire Audio presents a new standard for cinematic strings libraries. What sets Hans Zimmer Strings apart from regular strings plugins is its insane number of players and a massive range of articulations and expressions. The players were arranged in various sections of /46145.txt hall and its galleries and recorded with multiple mics, giving you up to 26 mic positions to adjust best mixing desk for logic pro x free mixing.

The result is a sound that you can only classify as epic and massive. The library is available for Windows 7 or higher bit and bit and macOS While every orchestral library requires you to learn and use it before you can understand best mixing desk for logic pro x free, I would say that the Hans Zimmer Strings library sounds ideal as backing strings while underscoring.

Further, make sure you have best mixing desk for logic pro x free powerful computer for this one as the plugin is not multi- timbral.

And as with any Ujam instrument, the plugin focuses on being intuitive and easy. Instead, it gives you a broad sense of control and inspiring phrases. The plugin also features several built-in sound design effectswhich allow you to create atmospheres and textures right from the interface. Furthermore, you can use the filters and saturations to create risers and drones for cinematic projects. The plugin is available for Windows 7 or higher and macOS The plugin has onboard effects that are excellent for sound designmaking it a modern tool when it comes to string ensembles.

Layers is an excellent choice as a backing string ensemble or even underscoring. Orchestral Tools is well known for its fabulous orchestral libraries, and Layers is their free, highly usable instrument plugin that features an entire orchestra along best mixing desk for logic pro x free individual instrument categories.

In essence, Layers is designed to let you play backing ensembles as chord beds and also play melodies using the best mixing desk for logic pro x free patches. So, I would recommend it if you make pop, rock, hip-hop, or any other commercial musicwhere you need string ensembles as backing tracks. The library is available for Windows 7 or higher and macOS Orchestral Tools requires you to provide your email before you can download this 10GB library.

And other than that, there is nothing you need to note. For backing strings, it sounds charming and smooth. The staccato patches are also quite useful but obviously not very детальнее на этой странице. Helix is a simple string ensemble with a surprisingly rich, expressive sound.

These strings come straight from the Berlin Series collection, so the recording is undeniably excellent and usable despite being free. The entire /7227.txt best mixing desk for logic pro x free laid out across the keyboard for quick performance.

The sound is excellent and perfectly capable of providing backing strings and ostinato parts in general music productionif not conventional classical compositions. Unlike the other LABS instruments recorded with peculiar playing styles, Strings is relatively standard and usable alone or for layering with other string libraries.

It sounds like the library was recorded using close micsbut the large knob in the interface allows you to best mixing desk for logic pro x free reverb or tightness.

The reverb gives some much-needed space to the mix if you intend to use the library alone. Best mixing desk for logic pro x free you need something simple and almost retro, DSK will have you covered. DSK is one of those developers you have most likely run into while getting started with music production. Their free plugins are famous for being decent, and DSK Strings is no exception. It features two layers, where you can load one of the four instruments : violin, viola, cello, and contrabass. Furthermore, it also comes with multiple varieties dynamics, solo vs.

Similarly, it features an octave feature that lets you create a richer sound quickly. The plugin is available for Windows XP or higher bit only. It comes in VST 2 format. If you make commercial music and require a simple backing string ensemblehave a look at this plugin. In fact, if you produce hip-hop, combining one of the best Lo-Fi plugins with DSK Strings results in a super nostalgic sound.

Impending doom, fearsome battlefields, deep suspense — nail each of them using the classic sound of Abbey Road Studio One.

The sound is imposing and undeniably epic. I would recommend its use on dark fantasy and horror music, or even in modern hip-hop if you are after a dark sound. The plugin features a handful of articulations and plenty of mic positions to play with. Furthermore, its legato programming is excellent and sounds natural, and feels catered towards film scoring.

Spitfire Audio mentions that this plugin came to be after getting inspired by classic fantasy films like the Lord of the Rings and Star Warsand it shows. As soon as you start playing the instrument, you will notice the telltale cinematic soundand if you are scoring a film, it could be exactly what you need. It covers everything from brooding low notes and thundering staccatos to dark yet amused spiccato bounces.

The strings plugin from the Orchestral Companion set is ideal for low-budget classical composition and even film scoring. Orchestral Companion Strings features two violins, microsoft visual studio professional edition full version viola, a cello, and a contrabass section with multiple articulations. There is are no multiple microphone positionsbut the sound is rather impressive. There are many presets for each section, and you can do some basic sound editing to better fit your strings to your project.

I noticed that if you perform notes extremely fast, the plugin starts skipping notes. A workaround is to use reverb to fake a перейти на страницу for pad-like layering. The plugin is available for Windows 7 or higher bit and bit and macOS 10 or higher bit. Overall, Orchestral Companion Strings is an impressive string ensemble instrument that features a wide array of sounds.

It has well-recorded sound, all the basic articulations, and multiple velocity layering. If you are looking for a backing string instrument or learning classical music, make sure you give this plugin a try.

When selecting a strings plugin, make sure you choose the one that fits your workflow and music genre. However, if you already own some libraries and are looking for samples that sound ideal for layering, check out Spitfire Hans Zimmer Strings.

There are a few bugs like the sustain articulation release and skipping notes when playing extremely fast. Источник, if you replace the problematic parts with free libraries on our list, you will find yourself equipped with a rather powerful tool.

Other Plugin Roundups:. Top 5 Diode-Bridge Compressor Plugins The 10 Best Convolution Reverb Plugins


Best mixing controller for Logic Pro X: –


Most producers and recording artists typically mix in-the-box using a mouse and keyboard. While there is nothing wrong working best mixing desk for logic pro x free way there are a few workflow limitations with s with a mouse that some producers cannot live with. If you have then you would have noticed that the engineer was most likely using both their hands and all of rfee fingers to manipulate the board. Engineers that are accustomed to mixing with physical faders often perform a number of mix moves in one go forr as balancing multiple tracks ,ogic to perfection in what seems like a blink of an eye, try doing that one fader at a time with a mouse.

Modern day DAW control surfaces generally provide a number of features not dissimilar to those of old school analogue consoles. Most controllers provide banks dewk motorised fre that recall their positions when switching between nero platinum 2017 key free, encoders for panning, digital scribble strips that tell us track names, solos and mutes as well as transport buttons for enabling vesk and record.

There are also some products lgic provide the same kind of feedback virtually via touch screen. Even though most modern DAW control surfaces appear similar in form and function, there is an dsek difference under the hood that you need to mixinh of that could cause you compatibility issues. There are a number of protocols that most control surfaces use to interface the hardware between a DAW you need to know about. All perform slightly differently depending fre the DAW you use:. EuCon: Originally developed by Euphonix, EuCon best mixing desk for logic pro x free a high speed ethernet control protocol which carries control information for faders, knobs and displays between control surfaces and whatever the main EuCon enabled application is in focus on your computer, such as Pro Tools.

In this article we highlight a range of control surfaces we feel are very loic designed that are fairly small in size and are suitable for placing on desks, without taking up too much space.

Control surfaces at the higher end of the dor tend to be quite large and require a fair amount of space нажмите чтобы прочитать больше a room. Presonus, the makers of Studio One, offers a range of budget friendly control surfaces called FaderPorts. For the exceptional price, build quality, ease of как сообщается здесь and compatibility you may wonder why you would need anything more than this for the job of mixing.

For the extra investment you get slightly more bang for your buck. Each fader gets its own pan encoder which is a nice touch pun intended. It can be a slight читать больше having to select the channel you want to adjust the pan as you need to on the FaderPort 8. The X-Touch features more buttons, though we have read several reports from users in forums about X-Touch compatibility issues with Pro Tools, which is well worth investigating for yourself if you are посмотреть еще one of these devices.

The faders feel nice and responsive under the finger and buttons fred satisfying to press and are well placed for easy access. What sets the X-Touch apart from most of the other control surfaces in this list its main counter display. They are large multi-touch displays which responds to finger touches and gestures similar to how we interact with tablet devices and smartphones which makes RAVEN displays incredibly instinctive to operate upon first use.

The multi-touch abilities kind of play second fiddle to the smart batch command system, which makes long winded processes such as exporting stems in Pro Tools as simple as clicking a virtual button in the RAVEN command. Slate has clearly fro what the control surface user experience should be for the future and with the RAVEN software 3. This option appears to be getting quite expensive… is this worth it?

/93969.txt Avid Dock and the Avid Control App are indivisible, once you understand that the whole package starts to make sense, it brings tactile control to the parts of the app which benefit from it and brings deep touchscreen fres to Pro Tools.

We were wrong, it makes the App so much better and it worth it on its own but if you add an S1 or an S3 it gets really interesting with near S6 levels of control. Its features extend into the free gree Avid Control app which is a necessary component to the system. Best mixing desk for logic pro x free Dock can best mixing desk for logic pro x free used as a single device, of course with an iPad inserted into its base, or as part of a larger system.

If your mixes regularly have high track counts and you need quick and easy access to them then the FaderPort 16 is surely worth checking out. It is by far the cheapest 16 fader control surface you can buy today. This is an impressive little surface which like the S1 best mixing desk for logic pro x free be used in multiples either with or without the accompanying UC1 plugin controller to give a big console feel. For Pro Tools users the lack of Eucon is going to limit the depth best mixing desk for logic pro x free integration with the software but this is a clever and effective implementation of HUI which has won many fans in the production community.

The Avid S1 is the long awaited replacement for desm popular Artist Mix. This in-house design the Artist Mix was a re-badged Euphonix product has become extremely popular with music dor post mixers alike because of its small footprint, powerful features and modular approach. While a single S1 is a powerful DAW controller, and for Pro Tools users EuCon is the only way to get truly deep access to Pro Tools, when used in ;ro with an Avid Dock and the free Avid Control App one or more S1s can offer control approaching that offered by an S4 but fo significantly less outlay.

Find out why the Avid S1 was one of our products of The Mackie MCU is a popular control surface. What makes the MCU so popular is its simple modular design. To give you an idea of the size of the MTZ it is very nearly the footprint of an Avid C24 making this the largest control surface in best mixing desk for logic pro x free list. You may need a large desk to put this on ,ogic you are considering one.

The MTZ visual faders are practically life sized and the main display can easily show 24 faders in the window. Despite this, the S3 is a very good control surface. Check out our video to see it in action:. If you are looking for just a control surface then this may not be for you, though if you are considering a complete studio по этому адресу in which you s your audio interface then this all-in-one package may just be the perfect solution.

At the time of writing August There were reports that the Neucleus2 had been discontinued. Nucleus2 has not been discontinued but due to some recent regulations cesk no longer being sold in the European Union. It is a current product elsewhere worldwide. It provides several labeled encoders that control the parameters in the console 1 console plug-in emulations. Read: Review best mixing desk for logic pro x free Softube Logoc 1. V-Control Pro is an application for Mac and Windows computers that connects controllers to software using almost any popular touch enabled device.

The app can be run on multiple devices for up to 32 simultaneous tracks of DAW control and V-Console includes a V-Window feature that lets you control plug-in controls from the original plug-in screen with your fingertips with improved insert and plug-in edit pop-ups.

Price: Free lite version with limited features available. Are you one of those types of engineers? Do you need a control surface frree your workflow? If so, what control surfaces can you recommend best mixing desk for logic pro x free The Production Expert Community? Not All Control Surfaces Are Made Equal Even though most modern DAW control surfaces appear similar in foor and function, there is an important proo under the hood that you need to aware of that could cause you compatibility issues.

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